Friday, November 25, 2011

No Fight Club

Black Friday reminds me of the old 3rd Bass song: "Black cats are bad luck, bad guys wear black, must've been a white guy who started all that."  It's only fitting that many people think of Black Friday as a soulless mad dash of greed and violence and then shakes their heads at it.  BF is extrapolated as an example of our empty consumer culture condensed and metastasized into a few hours where people get trampled, pepper sprayed, and treated like savages so we can buy some more shit.  Fuck your recession.

But that's old news; in sociology, that's some category 1 shit, maybe get you a C if your professor is retiring after this semester.  What's really interesting is the cognitive dissonance between the bad connotation of consumerism and the importance of consumption in the American economy.  So let's get this straight.  On one hand, we sneer at the mass sheeple content to work at a job they hate to buy some shit they don't need to impress some people they don't like.  Then on the other hand we put our academic hat on and say well the reason our economy sucks is because we are not consuming.  Thus we need to boost aggregate demand to get our engine chugging along again.

Synthesizing these two points, maybe that's all we people are.  In Matrix, we were batteries.  In America, we are tools for corporations to turn profits.  But I don't think that's inherently bad.  Plenty of people are incredibly happy with material goods.  Who am I to argue?  At least we have a purpose now.

More practically, here's something for the regular folks out there.  If you take a personal finance class, the first they they tell you to do is budget and save more money.  Well shit according to Mr. Economy, that's the worst thing you should do.  Because apparently if you just spent all your fucking money instead of saving it, you wouldn't need to take a personal finance class because then you would have the job of your dreams and America would grow at 1000% GDP growth like the Slick Willie days. 

Moving on to random bullshit again, the more I understand where everyone's coming from and the less evil I think all these central bankers and politicians are.  They aren't incompetent or malevolent; they are truly doing what they think is right and a lot of it is logical, just not to you and me because we have different priorities.  Here's the easiest example: so many inflationistas up in arms at Bernanke's insistence of devaluing the dollar.  No shit.  We are 14 trillion $ in debt.  You want him to deflate?  The debtor (that's us) wants inflation so we are paying back less in real terms.  So yeah old people and savers gotta take one for the team.  Frankly, when push comes to shove, nobody cares about old people; they already had a good run.  And savers?  When you save, you save with Hitler.

As for Europe, it's like a transplant gone wrong.  Graft v host disease.  Nobody wants the fucking euro; the doctors are just too stubborn to cut it out.  So we are all going to sit around watching the patient suffer until they either default or print their way out of it.  Either way, euro is relegated to shit tier status with the rupee and South African rand. 

Also I added more to long positions.  AVERAGING DOWN IS MY ONLY RULE.  Now 23% long.  At this rate, I'll be 100% long when Dow goes down to 0.